Eastern Suburbs Bridge Club

2016  marked a special event in the Eastern Suburbs Calendar being the 20th Anniversary since the clubs formation. Some of the foundation members attended to celebrate with us on that memorable day.

At first, members played in different members homes, while they waited for The Redlands Multisports Club to be built. In 1998, they played in the dining room section of the club, until they were able to move into a specially built function room of the club. 

Eastern Suburbs Bridge Club was started from humble beginnings, in March 1996, primarily by Dennis and Olwen Yardley. Originally, there were  20 members, some of whom are still playing at Eastern Suburbs even today. They separated from what was then, the Cleveland Bridge Club (which later became Redlands Bridge Club). 

Cutting the Cake: Dennis and Olwen Yardley, Liz Maguire, Trevor Strickland and behind Kevin McSweeney.

From left; Olwen Yardley, Liz Maguire, Viv Withers, Michael McMenim and Dennis Yardley

The original committee  were:

President:                         Mr. D. Yardley

Vice President:                  Mrs S Mee

Secretary:                         Mrs S. Rennie

Treasurer:                         Dr. V.Davies

Commitee Members:          Mr B. Cummins

​                                        Mrs A. O'Connor

Olwen Yardley

Dennis Yardley

Original Members